The Hostile New Age Takeover of Yoga

I know I'm a little behind the curve with this posting, as it's already been covered by other yoga blogs (the very excellent souljerky, in particular), but I find myself continuously referring people to Ron Rosenbaum's great article for "The Hostile New Age Takeover of Yoga." It's such a relief to hear someone else talking about this.

What Mr. Rosenbaum refers to as "Yoga Media" is only the outward expression of a deep flaw in the yoga community. So often yogic practices are used as justification for strengthening of ego and attachment rather than for their abandonment. Yoga Journal has become unreadable over the last few years as it has turned into an InStyle Magazine wannabee. The only articles worth reading are Julie Gudmestad's excellent articles on anatomy.

The worst thing about this general trend is the way in which one is frowned upon for bringing such things up. I've read that, as yogis, we are supposed to be open and to love and accept unconditionally. I would counter that by saying that, as yogis, we are supposed to be conscious and discerning. We should be able to tell the difference between things that will lead us further towards the goal of freedom from the suffering of daily life and things that will reinforce our ego and our attachments to the attractions and repulsions of the material world.

Read the article. He makes many good points.