Olympic Yoga?

I have no more than a superficial knowledge of Bikram yoga (I would keel over and die trying to exercise in that level of heat), but the school seems to be heavily involved in competitive yoga demonstrations such as the International Yoga Asana Championship. An article appeared recently in The Daily Telegraph in the UK reporting on a desire to make Yoga an event at the Olympics.

My knee-jerk reaction is that yoga should not be competitive in any situation and should definitely not be presented in such a format lest the general public (and those who might begin practicing yoga) think this is in any way the point of practice. As a practitioner, I have found it is very easy to fall into the trap of competitiveness, both with myself and with others. As a teacher it becomes so clearly apparent how any movement in that direction is detrimental to the student. A student with the slightest amount of competitiveness in their approach is completely closed off to new information coming from outside, and worse, from within.

Check out the article, see what you think, leave a comment and let us all know.