Reclined Hip Stretch Sequence

I presented this series the other day in a Level 1 Group Class post, but I didn’t describe it very well. Here is an illustrated version. Hold each stage for 30 to 60 seconds. Do each stage on one leg, then repeat on the second.

Part 1

• Lie with the legs bent and the hands on the lower abdomen.
• Become aware of the release in the lower abdomen with each exhalation.
• Soften and release the lower back, the hips, the buttocks and the pelvic floor.

Part 2

• Place one ankle on the opposite thigh, take hold of the legs and draw them in towards you.
• Keep the sitting bones dropping towards the floor.
• Use the strength of the arms, keeping the leg muscles passive.

Part 3

• Roll over onto your side and place the foot flat on the ground.
• Roll the thigh away from you so that the shin and knee point up towards the ceiling.
• Lengthen the waist towards the head.

Part 4

• Either cross the legs and open out into a twist.
• If the twist pull sharply on the buttocks or the lower back, uncross the legs rest one thigh on the other.
• Return to the first position for a few breath, feeling the effects of the stretches before continuing on with the other leg.
• When you have finished both sides, keep the abdomen soft as you roll over to the right and press yourself up.

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