"River of Gods" by Ian McDonald

"As Mother India approaches her centenary, nine people are going about their business—a gangster, a cop, his wife, a politician, a stand-up comic, a set designer, a journalist, a scientist, and a dropout. And so is Aj—the waif, the mind reader, the prophet—when she one day finds a man who wants to stay hidden.

"In the next few weeks, they will all be swept together to decide the fate of the nation.

"River of Gods teems with the life of a country choked with peoples and cultures—one and a half billion people, twelve semi-independent nations, nine million gods. Ian McDonald has written the great Indian novel of the new millennium, in which a war is fought, a love betrayed, a message from a different world decoded, as the great river Ganges flows on."

"River of Gods" by Ian McDonald doesn't have much to do with the practice of yoga, but for anyone interested in Indian culture, it's a wild read. A post-cyberpunk SF novel, it is set in the turbulent streets of Varanasi 50 years into the future, and recasts the usual ultra-modern SF tropes--artificial intelligences, alien contact, extreme body-modifications--in decidedly Indian terms. The imagining of a future centered not on America or Europe is refreshing, and his use of language, the merging and repurposing of old words and concepts is great fun to read.

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