Yoga Rag Rag Round-Up: Yoga + Joyful Living

Yoga + Joyful Living, the magazine run by the Himalayan Institute, is a little light and fluffy for my taste, but their heart is in the right place and it often features some great information. Here's a selection of highlights from issue 99 (January-February 2008) on newsstands now:

"Pilgrimage of a Lifetime! Journey to the City of the Gods" by Sandra Anderson

"At a spiritual festival in India every January, millions of pilgrims and adepts use the nexus of cosmic energy to empower their personal practices and to promote the welfare of all living beings. What can you expect if you join them?"

The link will take you to the text of the article, but it's worth checking out the magazine for the beautiful pictures of the festival.

"Sutra II.3: The Source of Suffering" Translation and Commentary by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Commentary on the kleshas, the five inherent causes of affliction.

• "Abs to the Rescue" by Doug Keller

"The health of your back depends on the support of your abdominals--but not the ones you think."

Doug Keller's article features a discussion of the structures of the spine and the supportive nature of the different parts of the abdominal wall. It also includes some strengthening exercises. Keller maintains an archive of his articles here, posting each one after it is no longer available on newsstands.