Reclined Poses

Supta Padangusthasana 1 (Reclined Big Toe Pose 1)

Reclined Big Toe Pose

Level: All levels

Supta = sleeping, lying down or reclined. Padangustha = big toe.

Organizing the Pose

    • Lie down flat on the floor in Supta Tadasana (Reclined Mountain Pose).
    • Press the left thigh down and stretch the left leg out.
    • Keeping the left thigh firmly planted down, bend the left leg and grab the big toe with the first two fingers and thumb.
    • Exhale, press the left thigh down and stretch the right leg up no higher.
    • Hold this position for several breaths.
    • Either release out of this position and do the second side or continue on to Supta Padangusthasana II (Reclined Big Toe Pose II).
    • Inhale, pull the foot in and lift the trunk of the floor.
    • Exhale and pull the chin in towards the shin.
    • Hold this position for no more than a breath or two.
    • Exhale and release.
    • Repeat on the second side, holding the pose for the same amount of time.