Restorative Poses

Adho Mukha Sukhasana (Downward Facing Comfortable Pose) on chair

Downward Facing Comfortable Pose on chair
Level: All levels

Adho = downward. Mukha = face. Sukha = happiness, joy, comfort.

Organizing the pose

    • Come into Sukhasana (Comfortable Pose), sitting up on blankets to assist lengthening of trunk if necessary.
    • Inhale and lengthen up through the sides of the trunk.
    • Exhale and hinge forward from the tops of the thighs, reach the arms forward and bring them to the chair, resting the head down on the seat. Hold this position for several minutes.
    • Inhale, walk the hands back and come up.
    • Repeat on the other side, with the legs crossed the other way.

Practice Points

    • Soften the thighs.
    • Soften the lower abdomen.
    • Soften the pelvic floor and spread the sitting bones.
    • Lengthen out through the sides of the trunk.
    • Soften the shoulders and the back of the neck.
    • Let the head settle.